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Full Circle is a devastating introspective into Native American culture and ceremony, spirituality, humanity, and society at large. Told from the perspective of Jackson, a white/Native American mixed blood, Full Circle questions the status quo of American society while revealing the causes and effects of colonialism and manifest destiny.

Full Circle's drama is both intense and realistic as Jackson's journey leads the reader to places and to people most Americans don't know exist. Spisak shines a light on taboo subjects from the historical policy of genocide by the US government to the exploitation of spirituality by greedy and often deluded people. 

"This book is not for the faint of heart. Although fictional, many truths are woven into and out of the story. It was a real page burner for me." ~ Thomas O. Mills, The Book of Truth, A New Perspective To The Hopi Creation Story

"Full Circle is an excellent book. An intimate look into a culture that the majority of the population would never have the privilege to learn about otherwise. Two thumbs up." ~Lynny Prince, Scattered Leaves, The Legend of Ghostkiller

"This is a fiction novel with so much historical fact it often reads like a history book, one of Native American Indians finally written by someone who's lived the life" ~Monette Bebow Rienhard, Felling of the Sons

"Your novel FULL CIRCLE is quite extraordinary and "ends" just right. Rather amazing; it's also the most "unnerving" book I can remember reading." ~Harvey Arden, WisdomKeepers, Prison Writings-My Life is my Sundance